4 Ways Technology is Changing Art and Design

It is impossible not to see the changes in the world today. Even the younger generations can see a difference from their childhood to the current day. Behind the change is technology. As technology has become more advanced, so have we as a culture. The most important parts of everyday life have been affected, from human interaction to the way we purchase a particular product. But, the little, and seemingly less significant parts of our lives is also in the firing line. Take art as an example. It might not be the be all and end all to you, but it is a part of your life, and it is completely different now than it was five years ago.

Firstly, technology is inclusive. Take a look at any successful piece of software or kit and you will see that it never excludes people. Social media is an obvious example, but the most obvious is the Internet itself. With the Internet, anyone from any place in the world can learn and discover anything that takes their fancy. So, whereas art and design were an exclusive venture, technology is making it inclusive. Anyone with an idea can put it out into the world via a range of mediums. And, more importantly, anyone can bring their ideas to life. Being able to draw, paint or sculpt is not as nearly as sought after today.

What happens when there is an influx of new ideas? There is an influx of more creative ideas. That’s right – art and design are becoming more creative than at any time in its existence. Of course, there are some bad design ideas that do not make the grade. But, on the whole, because more designers and artists are capable of making their art public, there is more to inspire. What was once dozens of people influencing the art form is now hundreds and thousands.

There will always be designs that pass the test of time. No one is going to say that Da Vinci and Michelangelo don’t stand up to today’s standards because that would be absurd. Still, that doesn’t mean the overall designs are not at a higher standard. Artists might not be at the level of the past greats, but they are at a very high level all the same. And, it is because of technology. Even the dimensions the design can be affected. Art with a 3d pen is just one example of how an artist can totally make an idea stand out and hit you in the face.

So, what is the final result? The final result is that art is becoming more popular. All of the above are working to make art and design a relatable experience. Fewer people find art pretentious because there is more for them to relate to compared to the past. If you don’t ‘get’ something in 2015, there will be another thing around the corner that you do ‘get’.

Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, technology is undoubtedly having an impact and will for a long time.

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