Technology, High Existence, Hacking, and Mindfulness? What do they all have to do with each other?

Every part of this blog is dedicated to a part of life. Maybe I'm a bit biased, since no one life will be the same, but hell, if no one ever said anything about their experiences what kind of world would we live in?

If you were to break it down, this blog is really about some core parts of society and the self which play a crucial role to how people shape up to live.

  • Computer Science: It's ever-present and evolving. We can't walk two steps these days without running into something that was a result of technological innovation. In my opinion, this is innovation itself. New ways to get around things, problem solving, new ways to utilize already-existant innovations? Computer Science is at the forefront of much of today's innovation. Not all, but I'm more knowledgeable in Computer Science then, say, Quantum Physics. Therefore, it takes a prominant place on my blog.
  • Society: The place where we live and breathe. This one's pretty self-explanatory.
  • High Existence: It's crucial to keep your mind in it's pique mental state; this is what is meant by High Existence and Mindfulness.
    • Literature (the category which is not yet a category): Oh how lost we would be without the experiences of others, no matter how old they are, written down for older and newer generations to read.
    • Mindfulness: How exactly do we keep a pique mental state.

Yet everyday life poses a threat to these topics. What are the issues which impede innovation? Which can screw up our mental processes in such ways which impede our own living? How can we live past such difficulty?

That is what Liquid Think is all about.

It's about thinking liquid. Keeping innovation and our self within the current of our daily lives to live, laugh, and think better.