Comcast Sucks

The company Comcast has been receiving a lot of bad press in the news these days, and with the increasing ability of social media and YouTube, its no surprise that their terrible services are being publicized. Unfortunately it’s hard to blame any specific customer representative or employee because they are in as bad of a position as the customer is. The company has been found to utilize negative incentives like cutting paychecks and taking an employees commission if they fail to keep the customer.

This negative control of the companies’ employees sparks a selfish attitude that creates cortisol in the brain (the ‘stress’ hormone) and leaves the employees with no choice but to look out just for themselves. This means employees will lie, manipulate and abuse customers in order to keep their precious commissions, and the spread of cortisol (Stress) goes from company to customer.

A Horrible Selfish Company

The way this has led the company to grow is through selfish and manipulative tactic, where customer service reps have been found lying to customers in recorded calls, and doing anything they can to avoid the cancellation of an account. Customers have been left on the line until the company closes, and then are left on hold with no hope of ever talking to anyone.


This company is out to profit, without caring for its employees or customers. What looks like a great company from the outset, inside is riddled with negative employees, overprices services and horrible manipulative customer retention strategies. The employees are as manipulated by the company as much as the customers are by the companies representatives. The best way to avoid the horrible fate of staying with this company is to quit as soon as possible. I warn you though it’s not easy. Unfortunately, there are not many alternatives, but if you look hard enough, you may find one in your area.

Dishonest Employees

Unsurprisingly, as employees of this company are instilled with a selfish attitude from the start, they have been found to provide false reports after visiting your place of residence in order to ensure their commission. A video on YouTube was released where a customer spoke to the customer service team explaining that the charges on his account were not based on any real service, and the Comcast employee that came to his house had lied on his report. The report said that he had installed things that he never installed, that the customer failed to install Wi-Fi when this was not true at all. This, among other charges were added on top of this.

When talking to a customer representative, it’s no different. They will try to keep you from getting refunds on dishonest charges, and furthermore will try to upsell you on more services to try and get a boost on their commission.

Comcast is clearly a selfish company where employees are out to help themselves and they are not trained to care for their colleagues or customers. This company is without a positive and inspirational leader, and this has led the company downhill in a sea of negativity and manipulation.

Triple Play, More Like Triple Pay

Since the company is clearly out for profit and nothing more, it’s high priced services, constant barrage of upsells and hidden charges are set out to abuse your bank from the day you start until the wonderful sweet release of your cancellation. You will be constantly upsold on more and more services, with a plethora of extra charges that you have to be extremely careful about. The company is already one of the most expensive for Internet and TV and their “Triple Play” service is no different.

Their main website is covered head to toe in deals, packages and expensive options with no sign that they care about your wellbeing or happiness or ease of use at all. Any potential sign that they care for their customers, like the red “Customer Guarantee” sticker hidden away at the bottom of the site, is unfortunately false hope for unlucky customers.

What may have started as a positive company with good offerings, has now trailed into a money sucking, energy leeching vampire company that wants your money and when its done, wants more.

Everything is overcharged and on top of those high prices you get the lovely option of upgrading your services to an even more expensive option. If you want to quit, then they will just offer you more services and blatantly ignore your request. Hang in there, it is possible to quit, but you might have to go on a quest to Mordor in order to destroy this evil.

Their Kill-Internet-Neutrality Evil Agenda


In addition to their up-selling, one of the most upsetting and angering Comcast motives, is killing net neutrality for their own gain. Comcast has clearly grown powerful and rich, but their greed has not stopped yet. Right now, they are a strong influence to politicians regarding the state of net-neutrality. Don't know what net-neutrality is?Essentially, net-neutrality is keeping internet bandwith's equal for all members/corporations of the internet. If companies such as Comcast succeed in their mission to end internet neutrailty, then they would be able to implement so-called "fast-lanes" allowing companies who pay them to give faster internet to their users, while small businesses and companies who cannot afford to pay comcast are left in the dust. Effectively, this stems the growth of small business, while greatly benefiting comcast and other such companies. If you want to help, you can go to and petition against Comcast.

Terrible Customer Service


The customer service acts as a microcosm for the negative attitude and motivation behind this company. They will do anything to avoid your requests, continue to upsell you on more services, and make it damn near impossible to cancel your account. Since the employees are told that by losing customer they will lose their commissions and get a cut in their paycheck, the employees are unconsciously manipulated to fight for survival. This means that you may be dealing with the loveliest person behind the phone, but if they are working for Comcast they become a money-sucking leech who hates you and hates the company they work for. You can hear it in their dead tone voices, they don’t want to be there and they feel horrible for what they are doing.

Nevertheless, you will still have to fight tooth and nail to get your requests fulfilled. As seen on many blogs, YouTube videos and social media posts, this company makes it extremely hard for customers to get anything done. All the while they will emotionally manipulate and keep upselling you in order to get a potential boost in their paycheck.

Cancelling is a Living Hell

Since this company provides a bad, expensive service to start with and then on top of that they over charge for everything, you may want to quit. It’s not easy however, and while you try to quit you can expect to be offered more services, special deals and negative attitudes from customer service.


They will overcharge you for every opportunity they can including moving your Internet to a new location, updating, changing in anyway and even cancelling. Be very careful when dealing with them and try to be as nice as possible. As much as you want to climb through the phone and punch the customer service rep in the face, just know that it’s not his or her fault. This is a company with a negative attitude towards their own employees, a bad leadership structure and manipulative incentives for their workers.

Feeling bad for the poor employees at Comcast who have to work for such a horrible company in order to feed their children can be easy, but at the same time don’t stay with the company because a customer service rep is giving you a hard time. Don’t give up, stay on the phone and cancel your service as fast as possible.

After Cancelling however, the problem becomes monopoly. Although not legally classified as one, the U.S is split into a crazy amount of different "areas" of which only one company such as Comcast can sell their product to consumers. This is essentially monopoly, which means after switching out of Comcast, there are a very limited number of alternatives. In fact, there may not be many. In that case, sit tight and wait for Google Fiber (Our one and only savior, so far, at least).

More upsells than a double big mac with fries

Throughout your entire stay at this company and when you try to cancel, you will be offered upsell after upsell. You can get package deals on Internet and TV, you can get special deals on this and that, you can

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bigger more valuable packages and you can get blah blah blah. It’s non-stop and consistent. After this relentless persistence of a constant barrage of opportunities to empty your bank account, you might have decided to quit.

Be warned, when you try to quit you will get more upsells and they wont stop until you prove you are absolutely not changing your mind. Be relentless and if you want to quit then know that it’s going to be tough but it’s worth it.

Quit and Celebrate

Since it will be such a challenge to quit, you should treat it as that, a challenge. There is no point in getting sucked into the negative and stressful environment that is clearly rampant in their company, so treat is as an opportunity to be as Zen as possible, and see it as a positive challenge. You are moving onto bigger and better things. It will be like breaking up with an emotionally abusive girlfriend, but the rewards are completely worth it. So put some of that Summer chill music on, or your favorite Zen track, and relax.

Be prepared for the customer rep to gruel you, manipulate you, and offer more services and better deals. Stick to your ground and quit anyway, and treat yourself to a celebration when you did because you came out of the other side without smashing your phone against your temple or jumping off the roof. Well done.

After successfully cancelling your account, take a fun night out with your friends and celebrate. This is a joyous occasion. Your next step is to find a new source of internet, with a company that has reliable customer service and a strong foundation of positive leadership and employees that are loved by the company as much as the customers. There is hope for all Comcast customers to quit and enjoy life on the other side, so stay positive and you will find a way out.

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