The Evolution of GPS

GPS is crazy technology that we take for granted today. Without it, I would probably be lost in some unknown town after going out with friends tonight. It made me realize the power of GPS and got me thinking about where it came from, and it has some history behind it, so I figured I would write this post. And I will do it in timeline format, because, why not?

Well, first, there is this infographic which sums up the information pretty darn well, but I will elaborate on it. Here's the infographic:


Here Goes:


Created by the Air-force out of the need of an accurate guidance system. Originally created by the Raytheon company and then expanded by Navstar.


After years of development with the best tools and researchers in the industry, and after the realization that they could use satellites to their advantage, however, GPS technology was not yet ready to use.


In 1983 it was allowed by the U.S Government for public use when it became operational. This was in response to the crash of Korean Airlines Flight 007, an airplane shot down after mistakenly entering Soviet Airspace, and killing 269 porschepassengers. This tragedy could have easily been avoided if GPS had been operational. Thus, in order to speed up the production of the technology, Reagan allowed public consumption of the product in order to entice faster production, because, well, Capitalism.


At this time, the GPS system was finally completed and operational! It was used extensively by the U.S AirForce and became a crucial part of their Anti-capitalism_coloroperations. The system consists of 24 very-heavy satellites, which circle the earth and are able to beam around your location.


It was not long before the common citizen was using GPS (Capitalism, again). It started out expensive, just like when any other new tech just hits the market, only being available to the upper-classes of society.


Jump up 10 years later, and BAM, GPS is everywhere. From being used on Social Networks so one can update their location to all their very nice and not-creepy-at-all stalkers, to location services to save you from being lost in an unknown town, GPS has easily made us all more lazily as people; and so, innovation at it's finest. Not yet widely available on phones, however, it was not as widespread as it will be, in


axe-murderer-29451_1280GPS. GPS, everywhere. On your phone, on your computer, in your car, in your flashy new iWatch, or your Developer edition of Google Glass--GPS is literally everywhere. Be happy, because your stalker probably is.

Jokes aside, GPS really did save me in that creepy town today, so that axe-murderer didn't get me. Maybe next time, axe-murderer, maybe next time.

In the Future

In the future, GPS will be used to keep you and children safer. It will have more safety mechanism to prevent such events like abduction, or other criminal offenses. Handy, considering my situation.

"GPS use will facilitate businesses to meet diverse challenges". Not so sure I agree with this one, O' infographic. Remember all that Stalker stuff I joked about? Well, I feel like it's the same thing. Except this time, you won't have one, or two, or three (darn you must be popular) you may have a corporation of 500+ people tracking where you are. And the NSA, unless they already do that. One might want to stay away from their location services in the future, I'm not sure I'd like Burger King knowing I ate at Wendy's every other week, after going to their joint once. It would be a pure invasion of privacy, so I hope businesses/corporations keep in mind their boundaries, but, you know, Capitalism.

But that's me, what are your thoughts on GPS facilitating businesses, would you be O.K with it?

Vehicle Theft Protection--this one walks a fine line. On one side, a stealthed GPS in one's car will know everywhere you drive to. On the other, with proper limitations, like only turning on once one's car is actually stolen, and giving the owner total control, this would be very useful. One would be able to track where their car is if it's been stolen.

That's the evolution of GPS and where it may go. I hope this article was not too boringly educational. I tried with the humor. Did you like it? Would you like more posts like this?

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