How to Recover From Being Doxed

If you have never heard of doxing before, it's about time. Carelessness is probably one of the most notorious causes of allowing yourself to be doxed. The best way to avoid being doxed, is to not allow yourself to be doxed in the first place.

If you didn't know, doxing is the act of releasing personalable identifiable information to the public, for anyone to see. In the eyes of the perpetuater it is preferable for as many people as possible to see this information. Why would anyone do this? Some do it in the name of Hacktivism (to promote a political agenda), extortion, coercion, and yet others do it just for fun.

If you're reading this guide, you've probably already been doxed. If not, good for you! Continue reading and you'll learn some tips and tricks to avoid being doxed.

The good news is, there is a solution to being doxed. The bad news, if you're currently undergoing the storm of being doxed their isn't much you can do.

The only thing that's best to do after you have found out you are being doxxed is to blur yourself out on Bing, Google, and Yahoo maps. To Do This:

  1. Go to Google maps and type in your address
  2. Bring up Street View of your property
  3. Look to the bottom right hand corner and click on "report a problem" and you get to a page called "report innappropriate street view"
  4. Look for "Privacy Concerns, click on it
  5. Click on "My House", then click on "I have a picture of my house and would like it blurred"
  6. Configure the image to show Google which part needs blurring
  7. Verify at the bottom of the page
  8. It should be blurred within a few days

Do this for Bing and Yahoo too, the process is similiar. If you're confused, there are tons of other online resources, and both Bing and Yahoo should have a support page for this.

To be honest, after you have blurred your house, the best thing for you to do right now is, well, literally nothing. Don't do anything on the internet, and I mean it. Do nothing to provoke whoever is doxing you from wherever they are doxing you from, you're just adding fuel to the fire and it will only prolong your doxing sentence. The people who are doxing you probably only have a limited interest in you, and will eventually get bored. Boredom will creep up faster if you don't do anything at all. You want them to move on with their lives so you can too.

Block all social media, block reddit, block facebook, twitter, slashdot, forums. Hell, go down to your router and unplug it right now. Don't. Do. Anything. I cannot stress this enough. Everything on the internet eventually gets boring, just look up any viral campaign and it's traffic statistics, you will see that over time it just disapears off the face of this earth.

If you can't help but do anything and are thinking about contacting law enforcement, contact a lawyer first. This doesn't' guarantee that the police will do anything, but it gives you a hell of a better chance.

Considering you're personal information is not a viral marketing campaign and does not receive millions in funding, it's safe to say that eventually it will be lost in the trillions upon trillions of other data on the internet.

Never put any identifiable information which can be traced to where you live on the internet. Doxers often start with WhoIs databases, phonebooks, then get insiders of companies to get them more information. It's a nightmare. As a warning to everyone out there, be very very careful what information you put onto the internet.

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