In the Loop: How to Manage Content and Market Your Product

Content creation for your business can be a difficult subject. Not only do you have to hire highly skilled individuals for each role, you also need to worry about producing a steady stream of content that is relevant and relatable to your audience.

Let’s say you run a fashion business. You’ll need to create plenty of videos to showcase your different clothing items, but you also need to hire a skilled writer that can come up with brilliant descriptions of the items for potential customers. In addition, you might also need a blog writer to come up with relevant posts to keep your customers and clients in the loop about your upcoming designs.


Decide What You Need

Not every business requires content creators to work for them. In most cases, you can get by with hiring a couple of freelancers and pay them on a per-job basis. But if you do require a regular stream of content for your business, then it’s best to hire someone to work in-house that can get to know your company, your employees, and most importantly your products.

For videos, it depends on what kind of content you want to create. If you want to host interviews, talks, and perhaps a small web series to advertise your products, then you might need to consider hiring a dedicated video editor who’ll help you design and produce that content. However, if you just need to do some video takes of the products to show potential buyers, then a bit of online inspiration and some Adobe Premiere Pro training will be enough.

Keep it Relevant

It’s easy to steer off course because you want to create unique content. Just remember that unless your business is in blogging, you want to create content that has something to do with your product. If you’re selling computers, then it makes sense to produce articles about the latest software developments and how your computers would be the perfect machines to run them. However, it doesn’t make sense to talk about how computers improve the look of your home—that would be a home improvement article.


Get Your Content Noticed

Many businesses have blogs and articles written on their sites that don’t reach potential customers. Get on social media and make sure to post your content. Create a YouTube presence and upload your videos to the site. YouTube also makes a great video hosting website because you can embed the videos into your main website.

Encourage Interaction

Not everyone likes to get involved when it comes to business, but they are more likely to speak up and voice their concerns and opinions when you ask for it. When you use Twitter to post articles and videos, encourage some interaction by utilising relevant hashtags and mention people that are also in the industry.

Let’s say you just released a tutorial video on how to set up a new product you’ve created. Encourage interaction by asking questions in your tweets and creating blog posts that link to the video. Have a voice in the video by asking viewers what they thought of the video and product, and let them know where they can buy it.

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