Increasing your Following on Twitter, the Tech Way

Twitter is one of the largest Social Networks around nowadays, and it seems everyone is trying to get more followers. I see it all over the message boards, forums, and blogger places I go, not to mention, I myself am looking for ways to do this too!

Let's do it together shall we? I asked some users over at MyBlogU how they increased their Twitter/Social Media following. Here is the hardcore way to get lots of twitter followers, with a tech-kinda angle.

Now, obviously, not everything to get your followers can be done with software. You will need to formulate your own tweets, catered to your audience, and do niche-related research, along with engaging with your twitter audience. As Cleverpedia stated:

I know you don't necessarily want to hear this, but the best way to build an engaged fanbase that really connects to your content is slowly and naturally. You can pay for Fiverr gigs or spend a few bucks inflating your likes by targeting cheap countries with Facebook ads, or do follow-for-follow type deals on Twitter, but the fans you earn are going to dilute the part of your audience that is actually there because they're interested in what you'll be posting.

So, you will need to do work and research to achieve your goals. But, user don't despair, tools to help you along the way exist!

Cleverpedia goes on to state,

That said, I have found a few shortcuts -- here are a few ideas:

  1. Connect your accounts -- some networks allow you to link to other networks, or you can add a link in your profile. Doesn't hurt to do this, and occasionally cross post between them, so your followers can find you in other places.
  2. Use Buffer -- it doesn't help anyone to get a blast of updates from you then no updates for a long time. Instead, use Buffer to space things out in a natural way, and study the times that work best for your audience.
  3. Carefully automate with IFTTT -- check out their "recipes," you're bound to find some very useful:
  4. Make sure you have obvious calls to action on your site -- if you look at mine, you'll notice that I'm really pushing Facebook on the side, top, and bottom of my posts, but I also include CTAs for the other networks that work for me, StumbleUpon and Pinterest (hover over images to see what I mean). I accomplished this with a variety of WordPress plugins including the official Facebook plugin, jQuery pin it button for images, etc.
  5. Stick with it -- you don't have to spread yourself super thin between a million social sites, but experiment a little, find what works best for you, then stick with those ones to build a community.

The Daring Blogger, speaking from experience, also looks down upon such magic-button services such as fiverr. They simply do not let you, the one who knows the niche of your blog best, engage sufficiently with your audience.

Well, there are a few ways to gain followers quickly - follower exchange, follow credits and paying 5 bucks for followers on sites like Fiverr.

They do work, however those won't be your regular followers. These are just people who follow you because you followed them and/or payed them with credits/money.

(I don't recommend that type of followers. I gained about 5k followers through exchange websites - follow me and I follow back and follow me and get credits).

Credits are just like cash, but the good thing is that you don't have to spend a dime. Anyways, I had a large fanbase, but I found out that not many of them responded to my updates (the number was really low). Fortunately I had also invested time into building relationships the hardway, so I did get feedback and interaction from those followers.

If you are looking for just numbers, then these type of programs might work for you. But, they don't give you followers, they give you numbers, and that's all.

The regular method is to just work hard and smart to gain more followers - posting updates and interacting with users. There are a lot of Tech blogs out there, so you need to give them a reason to follow you (and your blog).

What makes it special?

Think about that and capitilize on it.

Here are a few tricks I have tried (for SM updates):

Contests - Contests are an excellent way to gain more followers. This is similar to the ways I mentioned earlier; you won't get many loyal followers, but you will get the numbers.
Quotes - Tech related quotes from famous folks. You can also invent your own!
Say Hello & Conversate: Find a new follower, try to find who they are well (without stalking, of course). If they have a blog, ask them how it is. Just converse the way you do in real life. This works really well in sites like Twitter.
Chats - Twitter chats! Find a good one and join; great way to gain more followers, and a lot of friends while you are at it!

Exactly how do you do niche-related research you ask? Well, you probably have one of the best tools in front of you already--Twitter! Alex Yong Posted on something he dubbed the "Gail Gardener Technique", and it really works! here it is:

here's my suggestion, which I got from Gail Gardner. Go to a Twitter account of someone you admire. Follow who THEY are following, not who follows them. Doing this lets you figure out who that person feels is influential, then when you add THOSE people to your following, Twitter's algorithm might suggest you to other people with a similar network. It's fascinating because it's got complexity.

Julie S Kalungi also had an interesting suggestion:

I suggest you have a daily action plan for both Medias to reach out, connect with & engage with users of Twitter & Facebook that you feel meet your target ideal!

Yet, it all comes down to your engagement. The Blind Blogger mentioned that he has noticed a much larger following after he started engaging and retweeting.

I've noticed a lot of new followers since i started making more of an effort to share other people's tweets. the more retweets i send the more followers i get. when possible also reply to a tweet. and when someone follows you be sure to send a thank you tweet or direct message. Many of them will then ask you to also connect with them, increasing both your followings.

Then, Aure suggested "Growth Hacking" twitter. In this article were many other solutions to "hacking" your way through twitter. Maybe not in the sense of actual hacking, but, well, you get the point.

Mad Lemmings said a Twitter following was one of the best things that ever happened to his site. Then he gave us more tools to use!

I use a tool called TweetAdder and find people to follow by searching for keywords in my niche, I then sort by last tweet (then people are online)
- you can also use other tools like ManageFlitter or Tweepi and find the followers of people you look up to (bigger bloggers in your niche) then you follow their followers, as they are normally very interested in your topic
- for the rest it is a matter of being active on twitter, sharing yours and others content and interacting with people

Here are some general tips from Jeffrey Romano over at WP Lighthouse

1) tweet at least 5 times a day. Ideally you share other people content too and not just your own. When you do that, make sure you include them in the tweet. (e.g. "5 ways to lose weight - via @johndoe"). This way, they'd know you're sharing their stuff.
2) follow people in your niche who will follow you back (just follow them, and if they don't follow back within a week, then unfollow).
3) start interacting with others on twitter who are in your niche. Ideally, these would be the people you follow. See point number 2.
4) use hashtags when you tweet. These get you followers.
5) make sure to follow the top people in your niche.
6) leave great comments on blogs and forums and sign off with your twitter handle
7) join twitter chats. MyBlogU holds a twitter chat every tuesday.

So, in summary, to get followers in a semi-automated Frankenstein-ish way which really works:

  • Engage your audience. Get in there, follow people you admire, follow people from your niche, if they follow you give them a Twitter pat-on-the-back in the form of a retweet/thank you tweet
  • use tools like Buffer, IFTT, Tweetadder, ManageFlitter, and Tweepi to automate the process, connect all your Social Media accounts, schedule tweets for the future so that you will have less to worry about, and find other users in your niche.
  • Create Calls-to-action on your site, making sure that Twitter and other Social Media is clearly visible and navigable to.
  • Use Quotes, Contests, and Chats to further engage and expand your audience.
  • Create an action-plan for your social media. Outline how you will tackle it, and you won't feel lost looking at that Twitter feed again.
  • Make sure to Stick With It. Work hard, and you will see results.If you quit halfway through, how will you ever know how far you have actually gotten?

That is it! If you have any other suggestions, make sure to voice them in the comment section below!

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