How to Start Programming

There are many people who have amazing creative ideas and want to transform them into software but they cannot do so because of their lack of knowledge regarding programming and scripting. If you want to flaunt your ideas, then the first thing to do is to learn to program, and the one rule to keep in mind is to never give up. The internet is full of a tremendous amount of resources and tutorials that will assist you on how to program, so there really is no excuse not to learn if you really want to.

Choice of Language


First, you have to choose your language. Here's a secret: many of the languages are similar. So,learning Java will make it much easier to learn C++, since they are both classified as Object Oriented Languages. The only learning curve you would have to go through to sufficiently learn C++ is to learn C++ specific syntax. While there is no definite consensus over the best language of coding, it is recommended that you start with any and just understand the gist of it. Concepts are important, so make sure to educate yourself on as much as possible. These concepts will be able to be applied to other languages when you start learning those. Just make sure that the language you choose relates to the platform in which you want to work.

Windows, Mac and Linux


Since you are new to programming and coding, if you want to start scripting on Windows or a Mac then you should get some tools and programs that will get you a smooth start in the right direction. Eclipse is a great IDE(Integrated Development Environment) for Java, C/C++ or Python (with their respective extensions/plugins). Eclipse is available for All OS's, and is a great IDE for beginners and professionals. If your new to programming, and want to learn concepts, then starting with a GUI coding environment, such as that provided by Berkeley, is a great place to learn what different commands and things do in programming.

Programming on the Web


If you want to put your coding skills to test on the internet in the world of web development then you can always use an application that can run on the cloud as well.

In order to work web development you should know your way around HTML and CSS since both are related to the structure and styling of the web page. JavaScript is another language that you should learn because without it you cannot use cool effects on the web page. A server side scripting language comes into the equation of excelling in web development when you want to a web page to be functional. Some of the languages that are commonly used are PHP and Ruby. If you want to learn some server side scripting languages then WebMonkey is your best friend. It has a variety of languages you can learn. There are other online resources as well that you can always use, such as Udemy or MIT Open Courseware.

Developing a mobile application


Developing mobile applications is like a trend these days and all the newcomers are putting their beginner skills to use by developing applications for Android and iOS. People can make serious money if they make popular and useful mobile applications, but in order to build a great application one should know programming languages such as Objective C and Java. If your very eager to start out, you can use a GUI-based programming language that lets you develop for Android. This is similar to SNAP, except that it uses and converts your block-code into Java.

Don't lose hope

In order to be a successful programmer who can code well it is important to have some sort of persistence. You will have small victories but there will be times when you will fail. Such failures should be treated as a lesson. Eventually, you will learn from them to create consistency in yourself. Remember, Failure is never an option, (nor is it bad). Failure is essential in order to learn from your mistakes. So what if your app isn't approved for the 25th time in a row on the Apple store? take your program, find the bug, fix it, and submit it again. You never know what may happen, and you cannot imagine how much you will learn from doing this, until you actually do it.

Places to learn

This is all well and good, except that you never pointed me to any online resources! (at least not explicitly). Well, as previously mentioned, Udemy and MIT Open Courseware are great for learning all-around programming in different languages.

Good Luck!

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