The Top Mobile Technology Trends To Lookout For in 2017

As the curtain slowly falls on another revolutionary year for technology, it’s time to look at what the future holds. This piece will focus on the ever-growing mobile technology world, and what trends you should look out for in 2017. Check out the ideas down below:

Virtual Reality

2016 saw the first signs of virtual reality hitting the mainstream consumer market in different forms. We had a lot of gaming companies release headsets that transport people into virtual worlds that they can play in. However, we also saw it enter the mobile market too. Top companies like Samsung released headsets that are compatible with smartphones. This is something I’m sure we’ll see more of in the coming months of 2017. You stick your phone in a headset, and the screen is all you can see. Your screen then displays a virtual world for you to enjoy. I feel as though we’ll see more smartphone manufacturers bringing out VR equipment and VR apps in the next year. You even see companies like Google integrate mobile VR into apps like YouTube with their 360 videos. It’s amazing to sit and wonder what virtual reality will lead to in the mobile world next year.

Augmented Reality Apps

A lot of people get confused between augmented and virtual reality. The former differs from the latter in that you don’t put a wearable device on that creates a different reality for you. Instead, it almost merges the real world with virtual reality. You’ll be in the real world, but your mobile device will show you things that don’t exist in reality. The best example of this is the groundbreaking game Pokemon Go. That was the first time augmented reality was introduced to the mainstream market. By using the camera on your mobile device, you can fill the world in front of you with things that aren’t actually there. Augmented reality is definitely a rising trend in mobile app development. After the success of Pokemon Go, it’s certain that more of these apps will be released. Some experts believe it’s also the next step forward in digital marketing for businesses. Watch out for augmented reality apps as they’re going to be a big thing in 2017 and beyond.

NFC (Near Field Communication)

For those that don’t know, NFC is a popular bit of tech that resides in a lot of modern day smartphones. I’m sure many of you have made contactless payments via your mobile device, right? This is only possible thanks to NFC technology that allows for the quick transportation of data between two compatible devices. It certainly became very popular this year thanks to the rise of contactless payments. There are two NFC-related predictions for 2017, and beyond, firstly, every smartphone will soon have NFC compatibilities. Some leave it out at the moment to cut costs, but it’s become too popular to ignore. Secondly, we’ll start to see different uses other than contactless payments. We could use our phones to unlock the door to our house using NFC technology. It’s exciting to think what this piece of mobile tech can achieve in the next twelve months.

Keep an eye out for all of these trends next year as the mobile industry continues to thrive!

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