6 Best Web Browsers for MAC (2015)

The popularity of computers has continued to grow throughout the world in recent years. Different people have varied preferences on the operating systems they use for their computers. MAC OS has grown to be among the most popular and most loved OS, creating fans all over the world. With most people finding a computer useless if it is not connected to the internet, there has arisen some debate on which is the favorite internet browser for Mac. So, we compiled a list of our favorite MacOS browsers.

1.    Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the best web browser for mac. The browser has the best interface, user-friendly interface. It regularly updates and recommends updates that the user can choose to install. Mozilla Firefox has an ad-blocker restricting annoying ad's. Mozilla Firefox prompts the user to choose the information that they can share, making it a browser for privacy-minded individuals. In addition, it can also store form information and log in credentials for different accounts thereby enabling easy access for the future.Mozzilla

2.    Google Chrome

Google Chrome has developed to be among the most user friendly, easy to use, and fastest browsers for Mac users all around the world. It has an uncluttered and minimal interface that requires the most basic of skills to use. It has readily available links to the most innovative plug-in market on a browser, creating a very customized user-experience. For Mac, this is unarguably the fastest web browser as consistently rated by most users.


3.    Opera

Forget those earlier versions of opera that were static and boring for many. The most modern versions of Opera have a user-friendly interface that allows the sleek loading of web pages at a high speed. It allows easy navigation of tabs and windows, thereby making the user experience enjoyable and fun to use among most Mac users. Opera is safe, and its software is secure from malware and other common internet based attacks on computers.


4.    Apple Safari

This comes pre-installed on all Apple products capable of supporting web-surfing being Apple’s official browser. It has RSS integration and a speed dial and bookmark to allow easy access to most viewed web pages. It has a very innovative interface and most MAC users like because of its high speeds. However, when used on non-Apple products, some of its features may not work as efficiently as when used on Apple products.


5.    Maxthon

Most Mac users who use this browser love it for the features which enable easy sharing of documents and files between different devices. Operating with less speed and with a less-than-stellar interface, however, it is nowhere near the leading browsers stated in this list.


6.    OmniWeb Browser

The OmniWeb Browser allows Mac users to visit all web pages without any worry of compatibility issues. It has thumbnails that allow easy storage of most visited web pages, and interesting plug-ins to make browsing interesting. Limited with startup and navigation speeds, however, it is quite slow when compared to other mainstreams browsers.


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