Top 6 Apps you are currently not using but should

Chances are, your smartphone is already loaded with numerous apps like Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds etc. Although these apps very popular, there are also tons of interesting and useful apps you can download for a couple of bucks or even for free. Below is a list of the top 6 apps you are currentlynot using but definitely should.


One of the most useful apps for travelers and people who enjoy discovering new things. Whether you are travelling or staying in your own city, you can use Wikitude to see if there is something interesting happening real-time. All you need is to turn on your camera and navigate it to a street or building and it will pull app information about pubs, restaurants, bars, museums, theaters and simply places with free Wi-Fi connection. In addition there are some easy and funny games to keep you busy. The app is free.



The app connects to your bank account so you can pay for all your meals and services without additional charges. It is also useful app for those who are used to go out with friends who promised to pay later and somehow forgot. Venmo will keep track of all the money you spend and all the money your friends own you. The app is free.



This is probably the most popular cell phone parental monitoring software. It allows monitoring text messages, calls, GPS location, internet activity and social media websites like Facebook and Instagram remotely. You can do so via your PC or a cell phone. Pumpic can be installed on both Android and jailbroken iPhone. The app allows tracking of images and videos downloaded too. It is available with a monthly plan on


Sleep time

sleep_timeHaving troubles falling asleep or worse waking up? Try the app which will monitor your sleeping activity and give you detailed analysis on yoursleeping behavior. It will diagnose the stages of your sleep and then adjusts the volume and the alarm itself so you won’t have to wake up in your deepest stage. The app is free.

Hotspot shield

In order to hide your online activity and general information you can download one of the most well-tried apps called Hotspothotspot shield shield. The app will hide your personal information, your Wi-Fi address and even your IP. You can download a free trial, after a month the app rate is $4.99/month.


The app for young people. Whenever you forget the name of someone you met at the party or school you can use Humin app, type in the keyword like: “Jack’s friends last month” and the app will go through your email, social media and contacts to give you a report of chats, numbers and images with that person. The app is free.


I Hope these 6 apps will extend the applicability of your smartphone. If you know any interesting apps, please share with us by leaving a comment below.

This is a guest post by P. Green, she enjoys writing and playing computer games. Right now she works as a contributor of parental control app at

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