Is the Internet Losing the War for Net Neutrality? Stop Comcast from Taking over America, Act!

The war for net neutrality has been raging on ever since Comcast started lobbying against the practice. The internet responded full-force, inciting over 4.7 Million comments to be filed to the FCC since March, and over 2 MILLION people taking action on September 10th, the day of the Internet Slowdown-- a very important date to keep in mind in this Cyber War.

The question remains, however: Will future generations experience the freedom that Net-Neutrality has made possible for the internet in the last few decades? Will our children, the children of our children, and yet again, the children of those children, be able to experience the crazy cat videos in the heyday of the net? Will the internet be just another date in a textbook-- "Until the early fall of 2014, the internet was the Wild-West of the late 20th and early 21st century". When, in any other period of history, has there been such freedom to connect and share with people across the world in a matter of seconds.

Quoted from 1984 by George Orwell.

Will it be acceptable, or even fair, for the everyday person to be forced into paying for a something that should be inherently theirs a medium with which to put ones ideas out onto a free forum.We live in a time that this is taken for granted, but it may not be so in the next year.How would it be, if you were to pay a 50$ subscription for YouTube, 65$ for Reddit, 100$ for Facebook? This, along with sleazy conversions with Comcast reps just to update your status. How will small websites thrive? No one will notice them. Who will pay for the one blog, when they are already paying 500$ tri-monthly for their standard websites. There will be no next Facebook. the notion of "The Next Big Thing", "The Newest Viral Website"; that will all dissolve into 3-hour arguments with Comcast representatives trying to get you to upgrade to the 'faster and better' "Twitter" package.

The War for Net Neutrality is almost over, and it is up to us, the internet, the people, and the majority to stop the Cable Companies Campaign against Freedom of the Net. The War is not over. But it has gotten worse.

Comcast is about to take over Time Warner. What does this mean? This means that an already Mega-Business will become bigger and more powerful. Two companies with already terribly horrible customer service, will become even worse (WARNING: It may be impossible to comprehend a company this terrible, but it may happen). What about the people it benefits? Us? HAH! your funny. The higher-ups of Comcast and Time-Warner of course. This merge will only make them wealthier.


And does Comcast care? Frankly, Comcast Doesn't Give a Fuck.

Take Action. The future of the internet depends on the internet and it's people today.  Go here and file a complaint, call your local senators, stop Comcast from merging with Time-Warner Cable.

What does all this remind me of? SOPA and ACTA. The internet won those Wars, and Net-Neutrality and the Comcast-Time Warner merger are two more Wars knocking on the Internets door. For inspiration, I included a video from that time, but it is very relevant today.

Fight against Comcast, join the war for Internet Freedom.

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