What The Future of Liquid Think Will Be (Announcement)

I recently decided to refactor Liquid Think. In light of my blog being on the net for a little more than a year now, the posts are getting a little out of hand. The categories were OK for the first year, but I got out of hand with naming them, and now it's just a mess of posts in different categories and confuses me sometimes. Obviously, for a feature that supposed to make my life (and that of my readers life) easier, it completely misses the point.

In addition to this, some posts on Liquid Think just didn't fit. In the midst of my more theoretical posts, I had posts were purely technical, like the "100 Program Challenge". Therefore, I split this dichotomy of my website into two different sites. This also means that the 100 Program Challenge is no more on Liquid Think. If you are interested in following it, however, I will be updating it on The Cyber Cult.

In the near future, Liquid Think will be undergoing a total refactoring and reorganization of it's categories, so don't be surprised if you saw a post in "Technology" is now in "Linux". I'm hoping that this re-categorization will reorganize posts in a way which actually makes sense. As of now, most of my posts are under "Technology" or "Liquid Thoughts", most likely both. It simply makes no sense.

Since Liquid Think is splitting off in two different directions, I will be able to expand Liquid Think to more relevant topics. Particularly, I will be adding a "Literature" category, where I will talk about the lives and literature of different science fiction authors and how their works relate to today. In addition, I may comment on current psychedelic and mindful trends, which are picking up in popularity and scope in today's world.

I hope this re-factorization of Liquid Think pays more respect to the name of the site than what it was before this. In essence, I will still be commenting on Hacking and Computer culture on this website, but in less technical detail than what the post on The Cyber Cult may be (if a situation like such may arise), but all very technical articles about my own endeavours which describe my own processes will now show up on The Cyber Cult, whilst more theoretical articles will be on Liquid Think.

This article, however, will be in a new category "Miscellaneous" where all such article, and any article which doesn't really fit any category on the website, will now reside.

This is not all, though. Upon creating The Cyber Cult, I discovered a revolutionary website building platformed named Jekyll which you can use to deploy static websites. It's simple, sweet, and to the point. No PHP, no Database (SQL), no Wordpress. Just You, Your Computer, and Code. That's it, and it's precisely how I like it. In recent years and months, Wordpress has become this giant that no longer is purely for blogging. You can host an entire Ecommerce website from Wordpress, for example. As it is moving into the corporate world, it's leaving it's original userbase, the bloggers, behind. Wordpress has become this monster of complexity that is simply unneeded for a blogger like me. For example, upon updating this post, I spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out what was a simple CSS bug, something that in Jekyll would have probably taken a few minutes. As such, I will be moving Liquid Think from Wordpress to Jekyll over my Winter Break which starts December 12.

I'm excited for all these changes, and hope they factor well into the sites philosophy, as well as pay better homage to the name of the site, Liquid Think.

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