Why Adblock Sucks

For many, adblock is the savior of the internet. It's protection from all those pesky ads that come up taking away from the beautiful content of the internets.

But it sucks.


Well first you have to change your perspective on the internet. Imagine yourself as a content creator. Put yourself in the shoes of a small blog or website, like this one. In fact, any website would work. Pick your favorite, anything. Buzzfeed, Wired, whatever.

Imagine that website stopped making content. Why? Simple. They stopped making money. The website full of wonderous content that you religiously read up on every week simply wasn't profitable anymore. It was no longer able to support it's writers, editors, and management.

The ads that they made weren't viewable by most of their visitors because of that pesky add-on everyone uses known as "adblock". They attempted to stop it. They put up notices pleading with their vistors to stop.

Did they listen? Hell no! The glorious add on made their reading pleasure that much more enjoyable.

Now, however, content creation can no longer continue. The bastion of information has stopped producing, and the internet has lost another point of view and information sources.

You may be telling yourself that this isn't common. But it happens all the time!

Most victims are small blogs on which ad revenue is the main form of income. These websites are run by someone who relies on this revenue to live. Their website barely gets them by, but they love what they do so they continue doing it. Adblock, however, had limited them money they make and they were forced to find income elsewhere in order to support their day-to-day activities. This means the quality of their website content has declined, and the quantity they made it has also, or maybe they have stopped blogging altogether.

This is the reason adblock sucks. It bars content creators from scaling their website further. It prevents them from hiring more writers or editors, researching new topics to blog about, creating new outlets for content (like vlogging) etc. etc.

One may argue that if a site shuts down it's not the people who used adblock, rather it is the owner of the content who brought it upon himself.

To an extent, this is true. It's the owners responsibility to find a way to keep their website alive and find alternate revenue sources in order to do so. Adblock, however, only puts more pressure on the owner and forces them to reconsider how they run their blog.

But advertising has been the standard of profiting from websites since the dawn of the internet. Sure, some ads are overly obnoxious and are distracting from the content on the site. In that case, it really is the owners fault. They should make sure the ads on their website are placed correctly, and not overbearing on the user. These kind of ads really are the culprit behind why adblock was made. In this case it is understandable to use something like adblock to actually be able to read through the content and gather information from it.

adlbock sucks

Otherwise, adblock can be extremely harmful to websites; and for that reason I would plead internet users to reconsider their use of the add-on.

Maybe totally discontinuing the use of adblock isin't the answer. Instead, consider adding some websites to a whitelist (doesn't adblock have this feature?), in order to support content-growers.

So, adblock sucks. Stop using it, now! Or maybe don't stop, but just reconsider your use of it. It is harmful to websites, and maybe it's not the websites fault. If you'd rather not support small blogs, then, by all means don't use it. If you would, however, like to support blogs so that they can grow their content to new levels, disabling adblock is a great way to do so!

A Note to The Readers of This Blog: Thanks for reading through the article! I understand I haven't posted on this website for a while. Whoever is reading this article now, however, thanks for sticking with me! It's been a crazily busy few months, where I have been reconsidering many things both irl and to do with this website. Be sure to expect much more content in the future! --Insidious

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