Hi, I'm Andrew Plaza

I am a fresh graduate working on Rusty Open Source Software

Parity Technologies
Nov 2018 - Present
Work on next-generation Ethereum & Interperability chains like Polkadot and the underlying Substrate
Aug 2017 - Jan 2018
Worked on internal documentation software in React/Typescript, and handled devops/testing for experimental web applications
May 2017 - Aug 2017
Worked on designing fast, efficient API's in Ruby and designing/building a fast mobile application in AngularJS for Android/iOS that communicates with low-powered bluetooth devices. In addition, I created and implemented an automated deployment workflow for all of Sharkks webapplications with NodeJS
International Samaritan
Feb 2017 - Nov 2017
Designed and built the International Samaritan website & custom plugins from the ground up with Wordpress & PHP. Provisioned, administered, and secured the webservers that ran the site and made backups.
Ethereum Debug
Language(s): Rust
A Real-Time Debugger for Ethereum's Programming Languages
Language(s): Rust
Oct 2017
A spin on the Esoteric Programming Language 'Brainfuck' created by Urban Müller (PhD). Emotif**k is Brainfuck but with Emojis.
Language(s): HTML/CSS
Sept. 2018
A Web-Theme I created to test out the Gutenberg static site generator, and to refresh my blog.
Language(s): Rust
Aug 2018
A CLI Tool Created for the GitCoin QuickBlocks Bounty. Attempts to validate a list of Ethereum Transactions in a CSV file by querying a specified Ethereum Node
Material Bliss Jekyll Theme
Language(s): Ruby/React/Redux/HTML/CSS
Dec 2016 - Jan 2017
Another web-theme static-site-generator experiment. This time, a material design using Jekyll with a home-brewed plugin to allow for the use of React/Redux
Scranton Hacks
Language(s): React/NodeJS/SCSS
ScrantonHacks is my student-run Hackathon club. We attended more than a few hackathons throughout 2016/2017.
Past & Present FOSS Contributions
Language(s): Rust
Nov 2018 - May 2019
General Bugfixing
Rust Web3
Language(s): Rust
Aug 2018 - Present
The Rust Version of Web3JS. It makes Ethereum API's available to more developers and helps grow Ethereum's use.
Redox OS
Language(s): Rust
Apr 2017
RedoxOS is an Operating System written completely in Rust. After becoming interested in Rust, this is the first project I contributed to. I fixed bugs with the WindowManager and the PIT interrupt handler not context switching.
Software Engineer working on Free Software. Sometimes I find projects to work on and contribute to, but more often leave project ideas sitting with the [private] tag in my Github. Love fleshing out new ideas and hacking on new stuff whenever I get the chance. If I come across anything interesting in any of my projects, or am just excited about one, I'll sometimes write a post on my blog at Blog.LiquidThink